Making a purchase at a Local Business: Michaels  

We have recently added Michaels to our Local Supplier Information Webpage!

Using the Iowa University Michaels PRO Barcode linked from our Local Supplier Information Webpage will provide you with tax exemption and a 20% discount on your in-store purchases made on behalf of Iowa State University.

You may also submit a request, through a second link on the Local Supplier Information Webpage, to be added to the Iowa State University Michaels PRO Online Account to make online purchases on behalf of Iowa State University.

In addition to the information for making purchases at Michaels, the Local Supplier Information Webpage also contains information on how to make tax-exempt purchases on behalf of Iowa State University at Fleet Farm, Home Depot, HyVee, Lowe’s through the Lowe’s Pro catalog in cyBUY, Menards, Sam’s Club, Target, Theisen’s, and Walmart. 


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