Announcing the 2023 Supplier Award Winners

Procurement Services is excited to announce the five 2023 Supplier Award Winners and two Suppliers Receiving an Honorable Mention!  These suppliers are being recognized for going above and beyond, making an impact, assisting with new issues when they arose, and/or promoting sustainable practices.

Iowa State University 2023 Supplier Award Winners 

  • Swissôtel Al Ghurair – 2023 Customer Service Award Winner 

This award was created to recognize suppliers that go above and beyond to provide professional, responsive, and proactive service to Iowa State University.  And who have consistently provided a high level of customer service, maintained and fostered relationships, and aligned their internal resources with the needs of Iowa State University.

Swissôtel Al Ghurair demonstrated their ability to create and foster strong partnerships by reaching out and requesting advanced booking for the annual Iowa State University Study Abroad Trip because of a large world event that would be occurring at the time of the annual trip.  Their actions assured that the Iowa State University students, faculty, and staff had their lodging booked before all of the rooms at the Swissôtel Al Ghurair, and every other hotel in the region, were booked and that they were booked at the usual rate offered to Iowa State.

Swissôtel Al Ghurair further demonstrates the value of their partnership with Iowa State University by accommodated changing numbers of rooms and dates of arrival and departure, and even extending check-out times when the group’s flights were scheduled to leave late in the evening, thus providing a more positive experience for our students, faculty, and staff.

From personally greeting the group upon arrival, to assisting with issues, and making additional arrangements for the Iowa State Group, Swissôtel Al Ghurair consistently goes above and beyond to provide professional, responsive, friendly, and overall excellent customer service.

  • CDW•G – 2023 cyBUY Supplier of the Year

This award was created to recognize suppliers available through our eProcurement Platform that go above and beyond to provide exceptional value to Iowa State University, including providing high-level and responsive customer service, maintaining and updating core lists, and providing contracted pricing to align with the needs of Iowa State University.

CDW•G assures that their catalog is extremely easy to use and searchable, reliable, and that what is shown within the cyBUY Marketplace matches what is available through their catalog.  They are also willing to not only price match, but to provide custom quotes as well.

In those situations when an Iowa State Employee is uncertain of what exactly they need, our Executive Account Manager, Rob Feinholz, is always available to help!  He is not only responsive but able to explain specifications and differences between similar products.

CDW•G is a cyBUY supplier that goes above and beyond to provide exceptional value to Iowa State University.

  • Iowa Insulation Inc. – 2023 Environmental Excellence Award Winner 

This award was created to recognize suppliers that share Iowa State University’s commitment to sustainable business practices by providing environmentally preferable products, promoting sustainable practices, and/or managing energy consumption.

Iowa Insulation, Inc. utilizes the latest products and technology when possible, which not only increases efficiency and saves energy, but reduces costs and improves the working, learning, and living environments for Iowa State Employees and Students. 

Iowa Insulation, Inc. also takes care to make sure the products purchased can be easily removed and re-used, not disposed of, when a leak needs to be repaired.  Their service not only saves Iowa State University money, but helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.


  • JB Staff LLC – 2023 Small Business Award Winner 

This award was created to recognize the significant impact small businesses make at Iowa State University.  And to recognize those small businesses that have demonstrated exemplary customer service, innovative solutions, and meaningful partnerships.

JB Staff, LLC helped to transform the professional communications and marketing of the Iowa Learning Farms and Water Rocks! Programs by providing Iowa State University with expertise in strategic and innovative communications and marketing solutions and providing outstanding customer service.

JB Staff, LLC exemplifies the impact small businesses can make in advancing the work of Iowa State University.

  • Conviron Argus Controls – 2023 Supplier of the Year Award Winner

This award was created to recognize suppliers that provide extraordinary customer service, engage in collaborative efforts, and are willing to pivot to assist when new issues arise, as well as provide solutions that positively impact Iowa State University.

Conviron Argus Controls not only customized a solution that would work for Iowa State University, but pivoted with us and guided us through some unforeseen issues, all while answering any and all questions, and keeping us updated throughout the entire process from planning through troubleshooting following installation.

Conviron Argus Controls’s ability to customize solutions for our needs, willingness to pivot when new issues arose, and continued support have demonstrated their commitment to collaboration and have had a direct impact on Iowa State University.

2023 Suppliers Receiving an Honorable Mention 

  • Edusensei 

  • Staples Promotional Products 

The 2023 Supplier Awards Ceremony will be held on May 11th from 2-3:30 PM in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union to celebrate our 2023 Supplier Award Winners, Suppliers Receiving an Honorable Mention, and the individuals who nominated them!

Additional information about the Supplier Awards Program and the criteria for each of the Supplier Awards can be found on our Supplier Award Page of our supplier website. 


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