Lesley Lackore – NAPCP Outstanding Contributor of the Year

The National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals awards Contributor of the Year recognition to one provider and one end-user for their outstanding contributions to the association during the previous year.  During the 23rd NAPCP Annual Commercial Card and Payment Conference, our own Lesley Lackore received the 2022 Contributor of the Year Award!


NAPCP is a membership-based professional association serving a community of almost 19,000 professionals.  The organization’s managing director, Diane McGuire, said “Without the leadership, input, and expertise of our members we would not be the significant global organization we are today.”  It is clear that Lesley Lackore has provided leadership, input, expertise and more to this organization.


Lesley chaired the association's higher education advisory team for a decade, has presented on a range of topics at conferences including eProcurement, card fraud and misuse, and study abroad card programs, and has moderated roundtable discussions at both in-person and virtual conferences.


Congratulations Lesley on being recognized as a stand out contributor to the association and the industry!



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