Lowe’s PRO is Now Available Through the cyBUY Marketplace

The next time you connect to cyBUY you will find the Lowe’s PRO Catalog in the cyBUY Marketplace!


Like all of the suppliers in the cyBUY Marketplace, the Lowe’s PRO Catalog will be accessible through Workday, will have contracted pricing that is discounted from Lowe's consumer website pricing, and be tax exempt.  The catalog will operate like other cyBUY catalogs in that it allows you to transfer your order back into Workday when you click checkout.  This will create a requisition that contains your Worktags that will route through the approval process.


What is unique about the Lowe’s PRO Catalog is that you can order through the cyBUY Marketplace and then you, or the individual you designate, can go to any Lowe’s location you select and pick the order up (provided the items are available at that store and you have received the Ready for Pickup email).


Delivery options available include both truck delivery and ship to jobsite (UPS Ground or similar shipping).  Additional information on these delivery options (as well as additional information on the pickup options) can be found on the Lowe’s Shipping Options webpage and additional information about this cyBUY supplier, including supplier contact information, can be found on the cyBUY Supplier Information webpage.


As always, you should check the Central Stores Catalog to see if the item you are looking for is available to purchase through our internal stores before seeking an external supplier such as Lowe’s PRO.  Many items carried by Lowe’s are also carried by Central Stores (breakroom supplies, PPE, electrical supplies, FP&M approved supplies, janitorial supplies, tools & hardware, plumbing supplies, refrigeration supplies, lubricants & automotive supplies, paint and painting supplies, gardening supplies, and pest control supplies) and all orders will be reviewed prior to submission to Lowe’s PRO to ensure they are not available for a lower cost through Central Stores.


If you have any questions regarding the Lowe’s PRO Catalog or the cyBUY Marketplace, please contact cybuy@iastate.edu so that we can assist you.


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