Tax Exemption Reminders and Update

We understand that how you obtain tax exemption from suppliers can vary by supplier and lately even the suppliers you have worked with or ordered from before have changed their tax exemption processes!


Here’s how we are trying to help you navigate these changes!


  • The sleeves provided with your P-Card and your T&H Card have the Iowa State University Tax Exemption number on them.  With some suppliers, all you will need to do is provide that number at the time of purchase and you will receive tax exemption.  If you need a new card sleeve, please email and let us know if you need a sleeve for your P-Card or your T&H Card and the address to which it should be sent!


  • We have created a Local Supplier Information Webpage as many of our local businesses have recently changed how they are granting tax exemption status and are requiring information beyond our tax exemption number, to be provided by Iowa State Cardholders at the point of sale.  These businesses currently include: Fleet Farm, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Sam’s Club, Target, Theisen’s, and Walmart. 

Please let us know if you encounter additional local businesses that require more than our tax exemption number so that we can include that information on the webpage for your fellow Iowa State Cardholders.


  • Gone are the days when one Tax Exemption Certificate can be used for any supplier.  A certificate for a specific supplier is now required by the Iowa Department of Revenue and can be requested through our online Tax Exempt Form

The company name and address are required fields on the form as this is the information that is needed to create a Tax Exemption Certificate for that supplier.


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