Grainger Catalog Now Includes Oversized, Hazmat, and Special Handling Freight Charges

Three freight charges have been added the Iowa Board of Regents Contract with Grainger and have now become effective on cyBUY orders.


The additional freight charges are flat fees and will be charged for oversized items ($119), hazardous materials ($30), and special handling ($20).  Please note that only ONE fee will be charged per order (the highest fee is the one that will be applied).


How will you know if your order will have an additional freight charge?

  1. Each item with an additional freight charge will have a note below the price in the column on the right stating “This item requires special shipping, additional charges may apply.”
  2. The Estimated Other Shipping line will appear in the section with the submit cart button and will contain the additional freight charge for that order.
  3. When the order is transferred to ESM, there will be a seperate line in the item summary that contains the additional freight charge for that order.


If you have questions regarding completing an order through the Grainger Catalog in cyBUY, please reach out to the cyBUY helpdesk or 294-7568 so that we can assist you.


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