Annual cyBUY Supplier Reviews: Expanding Opportunities for Feedback

If you have made a purchase through a cyBUY Supplier in the last year, you may have received an invitation to complete a cyBUY Feedback Survey as part of the Annual cyBUY Supplier Review process.  If you didn’t receive a survey directly, you now have an opportunity to provide feedback and can do so at any time!

Your feedback as an end user is critical to the annual cyBUY Supplier review process and we are hoping that by providing the opportunity to submit timely feedback when your interaction with the supplier is occurring will benefit everyone.  A feedback survey link has been added to many of our supplier contract pages and the information collected will not only be used during the Annual cyBUY Supplier Review Process, but we will monitor the survey responses throughout the year so we can take action prior to the annual review, if needed.

The Annual cyBUY Supplier Review Process occurs each spring when Procurement Services conducts a review meeting with each of the suppliers listed in the cyBUY Marketplace.  During each meeting Procurement Services and the supplier:

  • Review spend on the contract.
  • Discuss catalog features and any pending enhancements.
  • Identify any issues before they become a problem.
  • Ensure the supplier is performing up to the required and agreed-to levels.

The feedback provided by cyBUY users is critical to building relationships with cyBUY suppliers by helping them to identify issues, discussing additional enhancements, and reviewing the products and services they offer.


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