Identifying and Working to Curb Fraud and Fraudulent Activity

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted much of our work lives, credit card fraud continues to be a financial threat to Iowa State University.  Procurement Services needs your help to identify and curb fraudulent activity on ISU Procurement Cards (P-Card) and Travel and Hospitality (T&H) Cards.

The best and most effective way to identify fraudulent activity is through the cardholder’s prompt review of each of the transactions that have posted to their card(s). 

You know when and where you used your card(s).  If you see something that you did not authorize, particularly from an unknown supplier, do not wait -  report it to the Card Services Team immediately so that they can investigate.  If the transaction is determined to be fraudulent, the Card Services Team will notify U.S. Bank Fraud Prevention and guide you through the fraud case process.

Prompt review of procurement card verification documents (PCVs) is essential to this process because the supplier is paid on the transaction post date, and that date starts a 60-day clock. 

If a transaction is not disputed or identified as fraud to U.S. Bank within 60 days, Iowa State University will be held liable for the charge. The transaction, despite being fraudulent, will become the responsibility of the cardholder’s department, and the department may choose to hold the cardholder responsible.

The Card Services Team, along with U.S. Bank fraud prevention, works to prevent attempts at fraudulent activity on Iowa State University accounts.  If you’ve been on the Card Services pages of the Procurement Services Website recently, you may have noticed that all personally identifying information for our Card Services Team has been removed.  This is yet another effort to prevent attempts at fraudulent activity on Iowa State University Accounts.  The Card Services Team is still here and ready to assist you when needed!  Please reach out to them through or 515-294-7024.


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