Notifications to Act on Open cyBUY POs

Some of you may have noticed that automated reminders are now being sent through Workday for cyBUY Purchase Orders that have been open for more than 60 days.


When you receive a notification in Workday, please email and let us know if the order(s) have been canceled with the supplier, are on back order, or if you are still waiting for delivery of the items in the order.  This will provide the cyBUY team with the information needed to make sure the POs get closed when needed and are kept open when we are still waiting on a back order or the delivery of an item.


Please note that while we greatly appreciate your prompt response to these notifications we are, as with any new process implementation, currently dealing with a large backlog of open cyBUY POs and thus a correspondingly large volume of emails letting us know the status of those orders.  We ask for your patience if we are not able to respond to your mail and get the cyBUY POs closed or updated before the next week’s automated reminder runs and notifies you.  We are receiving your emails and working as quickly as possible to get through the backlog and the hundreds of emails we are receiving per week.


If you’ve sent us an email to let us know the status of your order, thank you, we will get to your original email as soon as possible.  If you would like to review any cyBUY POs you currently have open, type My Requisitions into the search bar at the top of Workday and run the report.  After clicking on the PO number from the report you will be able to see each of the items ordered within that PO.


If you need assistance with any cyBUY order or PO, please reach out to the cyBUY team at, we are happy to help.


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