Starting the Fiscal Year Off Right!

The following resources are available to assist you in getting FY 21 started off right!


Want to buy something, but don’t know how? 

Check out the Procurement and Payment Methods Webpage to find out how to make purchases based on the item and the situation as well as the documentation that is required.  If your question isn’t answered there, please contact Procurement Services at


Looking for a spend category for your purchase?
Check out the Spend Categories by Commodity Area Webpage to find the spend categories, the spend category name (which should identify what is being purchased), and a description of the spend category (which should confirm that this category describes what is being purchased).


Can’t decide whether something should be purchased on a P-Card or a T&H Card? 

Check out the P-Card or T&H Card: Which should I use? Webpage to find out which card is appropriate based on expense type. If you still have questions, please contact the Card Services Team at


Missed the P-Card and T&H Card Program Changes that became effective July 1st?
Check out the Changes to P-Card and T&H Card Program Effective July 1, 2020 to find out the new terms and conditions of the Iowa State University P-Card and T&H Card Programs. If you have questions about the changes to the Iowa State University Card Programs, please contact Cory Harms, Director of Procurement Services at


Want to buy something from Amazon? 

Sign up and attend Amazon Business Training so that Amazon Business can be made available to you through cyBUY.


Need to order something through cyBUY, but are having difficulty?
Check out our newly updated cyBUY FAQ’s!

  • How to Use cyBUY – How to create an order, How to access cyBUY through Workday, and How and when you can change your cyBUY addresses for your orders.
  • Order Status and Editing Orders – Where you can find if an order has been submitted, Workday reports to find PCVs, How to change a worktag, edit, or cancel your cyBUY order.
  • Amazon FAQ – What to do when you get an error message.
  • Internal Stores FAQ webpages – How to access and set up accounts.

If your question isn’t answered through the FAQ’s above, please contact the cyBUY Team at


Do you need to request a sales tax exemption certificate for a purchase to be tax exempt?

Complete the Tax Exempt Form on our website and we will send a completed form to you!


What do you need to consider when purchasing equipment?

Check out the Purchasing Equipment Webpage for items that need to be considered.  This webpage also contains a link to the Purchasing Equipment Form that will not only need to be attached to the Non-Catalog Requisition or the cyBUY Requisition, but will help you to determine if an FPM Request for Services Form needs to be completed. 


Do you have an agreement that needs signed?  Are you getting something for free, but there are terms and conditions that you need to agree to?  Is there a conflict of Interest?

Complete the Contract Request Form, select the type of contract, include as much information as possible, and let us take it from there!


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