Spotlighting Recent Successes

The Card Services Team is always here to help you when you see something unusual or strange on either your P-Card or your T&H Card!

In the past 6 months the Card Services Team has helped 100 cardholders to handle fraudulent charges on their P-Cards and T&H Cards!  The combined fraudulent activity totaled nearly $7,500 in charges!  The largest single fraudulent transaction during this time period was for nearly $1,050!

The Card Services Team handles all fraudulent activity centrally, you aren’t ever left to deal with it on your own, but they do need your assistance to identify fraud, or potential fraudulent activity, on your P-Card or T&H Card as soon as possible. 

Make sure to notify if you see a transaction you didn’t make, what appears to be a duplicate transaction, or something that just doesn’t look quite right.  The sooner the Card Services Team knows about it, the better chance we have to get it not only addressed, but resolved! 


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