Making PPE Purchases - Including Cleaning Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, and Face Masks and Shields

Procurement Services and Central Stores are ordering PPE items for Iowa State University in bulk and are working hard to make all needed items available to Iowa State University Employees through Central Stores

Please make sure that when you are ordering PPE items for your office, building, or lab, including Disinfectant Wipes, Disinfectant/Cleaners, Face Coverings, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer (and Sanitizer Dispensers), Barriers/Sneeze Guards, and Thermometers, that you are doing so through Central Stores

Your patience continues to be appreciated as supply chain issues are continuing to create challenges for the university as well as retailers.  If you have additional questions regarding changes in response to COVID-19, please check out the Procurement Services’ Response to COVID-19 Webpage, which includes information on how to contact Procurement Services for assistance.




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