Verizon Wireless Contract Change

The Iowa State University Contract with Verizon will be changing effective November 15, 2020.  The terms for the new contract have been included below and include a 24-month upgrade cycle and additional fees for canceling before the end of the cycle.

If you are eligible for an equipment upgrade (phone or internet device) prior to November 15, 2020, Procurement Services is highly recommending that you consider taking action to upgrade prior to that date. Those who are eligible to upgrade and do so prior to November 15, 2020, will remain on the current contract for one more year. 

To check your eligibility to upgrade and/or to request an equipment upgrade you will need to sign in to the Verizon Business Portal.

  • If you know your Verizon Business Portal username and password (or have saved it to Okta) you can log in, verify your eligibility and request an equipment upgrade.
  • If you do not know your Verizon Business Portal information and/or have never used the Verizon Business Portal, please check with the individual in your Department or Unit who may manage the Verizon Contract for your area.  Often this is the same person who pays the bill for this service on your behalf.  The bills for Verizon charges are most often paid through the Verizon Business Portal.
  • If you, or anyone in your Department or Unit, do not have access to the Verizon Business Portal and cannot successfully reset the password, please send the wireless phone number of your device to Rachel Jones ( and she will attempt to assist you with checking your eligibility and/or requesting an equipment upgrade.


Terms of the Verizon Wireless Contract that will begin November 15, 2020, include a 24-month upgrade cycle, equipment fees, and charges for early cancellation.

  • Subsidized Equipment: Subsidized equipment (Equipment) purchased under MA152 is provided to the Customer at a significant discount, subject to the Customer meeting certain conditions. If the Customer moves the Equipment to a Lesser Price Plan, or disconnects the Equipment from the network, at any time during the first 24 months after the Equipment is activated, the Customer shall pay a Subsidy Recovery as defined below. A Lesser Price Plan is; a) for smartphones, any plan that is less than $19.99 per month, plus required data feature (voice and data bundles qualify) after any applicable discounts; b) for internet devices, any plan that is less than $19.99 per month after any applicable discounts; and c) for basic phones, any plan that is less than $14.99 per month after any applicable discounts. 
  • Subsidy Recovery: We are able to make Equipment available to our government customers at significantly lower prices than the manufacturer’s list prices by offering various subsidies in exchange for the customer meeting certain conditions. Here, if the Customer purchases Equipment from Verizon Wireless at a discounted price and then disconnects that Equipment from the Verizon network, or moves the Equipment to a Lesser Price Plan, prior to the expiration of 24 months after the date of activation, Verizon Wireless may recover a Subsidy Recovery for the disconnected Equipment. The Subsidy Recovery will be the difference between the full retail price of the Equipment at time of purchase and the discounted price paid by the Customer for the Equipment, plus any additional service discounts, credits, waived fees, and other offers provided, less 1/24 of that amount for each month the Equipment was connected to the line of service.


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