Certificate of Insurance List

Procurement Services is utilizing a new software package to manage supplier certificates of insurance. This software will assist us in ensuring suppliers are compliant with our insurance requirements and help us maintain coverage on continuing contracts that require insurance.

To access the database to see if a supplier has a current and compliant certificate of insurance on file, please use the following link where you can search the records by supplier name.  You will be asked for a user ID and password. The User ID for all campus users is iowastate (all one word) and the password is cyclones.


User ID: iowastate

Password: cyclones

To find a certificate you click on the “VENDORS” tab and enter a supplier name in the box at the bottom in the SEARCH bar. When the list of search results comes up, you click on the vendor you are looking for information on. This will bring you to the vendor information screen. To view the certificate, click on the “CERTIFICATES” tab. This will display the information regarding the certificate on file (coverage, expiration dates, etc.). To view the actual certificate, click on the number located under that “ATT" column on the far right..

For assistance with the database or for questions regarding a particular supplier, please contact the Procurement Services supplier help desk at 515-294-8201 or quotedsk@iastate.edu.