Partners for Educational Development Inc.

Procurement Agent: Sadie Anderson*
Product: Grant Writing Consultants
Contract Number: SCN-1005624
Address: 552 Ivey Way
Marbleton, GA 30126
Representative: Olivia Scriven
Phone: 770-656-3688
Type of Contract: Multi-year for all departments
Term of Contract: 7/01/2017 - 6/30/2022

Contract Description:

Grant Consultant/Coordinator providing comprehensive assistance with grant proposal development and preparation, ensuring that proposals meet general and specific grant criteria. 

How to do Business with Supplier:

Process for requesting Grant Writing Consultant:

  • Interested faculty/administrator/staff (PI-s) should review details about the grant writing consulting group, and see which one would best fit their needs. After a competitive bid, ISU’s Procurement Services Office has contracted with six grant writing consulting groups: “BioScience”, “Engineering & Science Editors”, "Grant Dev & Mgmt", "Impacta", “Maberry”,and "Partners". This means that anyone at ISU can engage these grant writing consultants without having to go through a competitive bidding process.
  • The PI should speak to the grant writing consultant to discuss project details: scope of project, timeline, cost, etc. If satisfied, and if the PI wishes to engage the consultant, then the PI will email the details of the agreement to their Dean’s Office with the EXHIBIT A form in PDF format.
  • Using EXHIBIT A, the PI must provide PI contact information, funding agency and solicitation (RFP) information, and billing information: (a) department/center, (b) worktag(s), (c) estimated number of hours, (d) not to exceed (e) beginning date, (f) report date, and (g) PI signature.
  • Upon signature by the college Dean and the grant consultant, the Dean's office will forward Exhibit A to Jeremy Neppl in the Office of the Vice President for Research. The OVPR will review EXHIBIT A, and details of agreement. Upon approval, the OVPR will forward to Procurement Services. Note: All signatures are required when using departmental or college funds, but only PI and consultant signatures are required when PIs use their own funds.
  • The grant writing consultant will bill Iowa State University Procurement Services Office. Procurement Services will administer payment using the worktag provided and approved by the Dean on EXHIBIT A.