Contracts by Commodity

Genscript USA Inc.

Procurement Agent: Craig Sondgeroth*
Product: Gene Synthesis and Other Biological Products and Services
Contract Number: SCN-1006405
Address: 860 Centennial Ave.
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Representative: Salah Moghram
Phone: 312-520-0057
Address: 860 Centennial Ave.
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Type of Contract: Contractual Agreement for Price Discount
Term of Contract: 7/17/2018 - 8/31/2023

Contract Description:

ISU has established discounts for gene synthesis and various other types of biological services from Genscript USA Inc. The Genscript contract can be utilized mainly for Gene Synthesis and Cloning Services. And as a secondary provider to supplement ISU internal service facilities, the contract can be used for additional biological services.

All catalog products are 15% off for Iowa State University.

How to do Business with Supplier:

Pricing can be obtained by accessing the Genscript USA Inc contract on cyBUY or by calling or e-mailing the field sales representative listed above.