Contracts by Commodity

Portable Pro - Mobile Toilet Service

Procurement Agent: Wendy Foster*
Product: Rental Services
Address: 4 Boone St.
Madrid, IA 50156
Representative: Joe Lankford
Phone: 515-574-9739
Representative: Mindy Lankford
Phone: 515-231-1056
Type of Contract: Multi-year contract
Term of Contract: 07/01/2019- 06/30/2024

Contract Description:

ISU has established pricing for rental of portable toilets (Standard and Handicap) as well as hand washing stations.

How to do Business with Supplier:

Contact supplier directly to discuss your needs and dates that you need the units. Supplier will provide you with a quote (based on established rates). Departments can completed a non-catalog requisition and should provide the following information on the requisition:

  • How many units they need (standard or handicap)
  • The date(s) of service required
  • Delivery location
  • A department contact name/phone number

Contact Wendy Foster to discuss the possibly of setting up a contract for ongoing service or if you need to use the service multiple times in a year.

ISU Student Organizations - please contact Campus Organizations Accounting at 294-1633 to arrange for service/payment with this supplier.