Contracts by Commodity

Key Travel Agency

Procurement Agent: Liz Lunaburg*
Product: Travel Agency
Contract Number: SCN-1005892
Address: 2 Penn Center Plaza, 1500 JFK Blvd STE 301
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Representative: Andrew Campbell
Phone: 516-507-1196
Type of Contract: Joint Regents Contract
Term of Contract: 11/1/2017 to 04/29/2024

Contract Description:

ISU has a contract with Key Travel for booking flights for ISU business.

How to do Business with Supplier:

First time users for Key Travel online booking tool: Send email to to request registration for an online account. Once approved, traveler can fill out personal profile.

Booking process

  • Sign in to online profile (
  • Click “booking online” to search flights. Results will show lowest price meeting search terms first.
  • Between 9 AM and 5 PM you can call the Iowa State University dedicated line for assistance 646-289-6836.
  • You can also reach an agent 24/7 at 888-339-1502.


Booking online through will be charged an $8 agent fee. Booking offline with an agent by emailing will incur a $25 agent fee. 

For further assistance, please contact the agent listed above.