Contracts by Commodity

Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc (BalCon)

Procurement Agent: John Michel*
Product: Biosafety Cabinet Certification and Repairs
Contract Number: SCN-1006548
Representative: Dave Kaiser
Phone: 712-309-3680
Type of Contract: Competitively Bid Contract
Term of Contract: 7/1/2023 - 6/30/2026

Contract Description:

This is a competitively bid Contractual Agreement with Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc (BalCon) to supply decontamination and repair of biological safety cabinets, horizontal laminar flow cabinets, and room decontamination.

Unless covered by warranty, the use of this contract is recommended for all repair needs.

Note: Only the Re-certification process is managed by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). EH&S does not coordinate or pay for repair service.

How to do Business with Supplier:

If your Biosafety Cabinet fails during the annual re-Certification, or if a repair on biosafety cabinet, horizontal laminar flow hood, or decontamination is required at any time:

1. Submit a service request at time of failure by calling or emailing Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc (BalCon) and request an itemized quotation/estimate.

2. Provide the following information when placing a service request:

  • Full Name
  • ISU Department Name
  • One point of contact phone number/email
  • The equipment serial number, brand, model, and location
  • Explanation of equipment issue
  • Worktag

3. Payments may be made by Purchasing Card, or by providing Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc (BalCon) the Supplier Contract Number (shown above), and worktag.