Contracts by Commodity

Wynn O Jones and Associates Incorporated

Procurement Agent: John Michel*
Product: Laboratory Furniture and Casework
Contract Number: SCN-1014167
Representative: David Herr
Phone: 319-899-9624
Type of Contract: Iowa Board of Regents contractual agreement for price discount
Term of Contract: 05/26/2023 – 05/31/2028

Contract Description:

Iowa Board of Regents has a competitively bid Contractual Agreement with Wynn O. Jones to supply the Lab Casework and Lab Furniture product lines at a substantial discount. Wynn O Jones has several pricing levels to meet the needs and budgets of all departments.
The use of this contract is mandatory for all Lab Casework/Furniture purchases unless there is a substantial reason for utilizing another manufacturer. These reasons could include the matching of existing, or needs that cannot be met by the contractor.

How to do Business with Supplier:

Lab Casework/Furniture is considered part of any building as it requires attachment to walls and building systems.
Per the University Policy Library for Facility Modifications,, Lab Casework/Furniture must be approved by FP&M. This is required for the following reasons:

  • FPM will assure all coordination with electrical, plumbing and other building systems are met.
  • Adhering to product and finishes to maintain the quality and character of ISU buildings for long-term usage.
  • Most importantly, confirm that the space has sufficient circulation, clear space and accessibility to meet ADA accessibility guidelines and life-safety requirements.

Contact FPM at 4-5100, or by submitting a work request at and an FPM representative will be assigned to your request. Facilities will determine if the requisition is entered by the requesting department or FPM.