Ernst & Young LLP

ISU Purchasing Agent: Cindy Braatz*
Product: International Business Consulting & Advisory Services
Vendor Address: 155 N Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60606
Type of Contract:
Term of Contract: 08/04/2015 - 08/03/2020

Contract Description:

This contract provides consulting and advisory services to the University regarding international business.

The scope of services available are:

Financial & Tax
  • Financial compliance & legal "health checks"
  • Compliance calendars
  • U.S. compliance reporting (Form 990, FBAR)
  • Budgeting for new projects (operational & legal costs in foreign country)
  • VAT compliance and reclaim

Cash Management

  • Cash transfers
  • Outsourced bank accounts
  • Independent contractor payments
  • Banking solutions
  • Foreign currency risk management

Human Resources

  • Employee vs. contractor classifcation
  • PEO options
  • Obtaining visas and work permits
  • Hiring, comp and  benefits
  • Employee policies & guidelines
  • Support of expats and TCN's

Legal & Risk Management

  • Partnership agreements and MOU's
  • Legal entity determination and set-up
  • Global risk assessment
  • Insurance reviews
  • On-line document repository

Sponsored Research

  • Registration requirement and budgeting
  • Pre-award int'l subrecipient qualification
  • Internal control reviews

How to do Business with Vendor:

The contract is based on a fixed monthly retainer requiring planning, prioritizing and monitoring of monthly consulting activity.

Departments requesting service please complete the International Consulting Service Request Form and submit to University Counsel or Risk Management.

Susie Johnson, Office of Risk Management,  294-3105