Purchasing Card

For campus organization users, please see the Student Purchasing Card Program page.

Welcome to the Iowa State University Purchasing Card Program home page. This program has been designed to allow for the procurement of low-dollar supplies by the end user through the use of a VISA credit card.

For the cardholder, using the purchasing card provides quicker turn-around time on your orders, widespread acceptance by vendors, and reduced paperwork processing. The purchasing card concept is designed to delegate the authority and capability to purchase low-dollar items directly to the end user.



10/21/2016 Change to procurement approvals in E-Forms approval system  

1/26/2016  Purchasing transition to new address format

11/10/2015 P-Card Policy Change

1/6/2014    Purchasing Card Record Retention

7/1/2011    Purchasing Systems Attachment Uploading

11/4/2010  Purchasing Card & Federal Price Reasonableness

7/7/2010     Repair & Technical Services Announcment

6/14/2010   P-card Fiscal Year End Reminder

4/29/2010   Processing p-card transactions:  problems when using multiple browser sessions

12/1/2009  Guidelines for purchase incentives 


For assistance with the Purchasing Card Program, contact:
Lesley Lackore, Purchasing Card Administrator
Lesley Lackore 515-294-4589
Shari Russell, Program Coordinator
Shari Russell 515-294-4573