Starting the year off right with Procurement Services!

Hello cyBUY users and/or P-Card and T&H Cardholders!

Welcome back to the Fall Semester!  As things continue to ramp up for the academic year Procurement Services would like to provide you with some new resources, and to remind you of some existing resources, that are available to assist you in getting the year started off right!

Want to buy something, but don’t know what you need to do?

Check out the Procurement and Payment Methods Webpage!  This page was created as a resource to help Iowa State Employees determine what should be done to purchase an item or service (particularly one that they may not need or use that often) that does not require a purchase order. 

Need to order through cyBUY, but are new to cyBUY or in need of a quick refresher?

Our Quick Reference: cyBUY Ordering is a great place to start!  The Quick Reference highlights the 10 steps you need to take to successfully submit a cyBUY order. 
We’ve also included additional resources that you may find helpful when submitting a cyBUY order including Writing a University Business Purpose, a link to the complete Workday Knowledge Base Article, a link to the cyBUY FAQs, and information on how to request the item be ordered on your behalf by your Finance Service Delivery Team.

Want to buy something from Amazon? 

Amazon is now a cyBUY supplier available through the cyBUY Marketplace, but only for those who have taken the cyBUY Amazon Business Training.  If you haven’t yet taken the training and are interested in doing so, please register for an upcoming session through Learn@ISU.

Should you use a P-Card or a T&H Card to make the purchase? 

Check out the P-Card or T&H Card: Which should I use? webpage to find out which card is appropriate to use (and won't be declined).  If you still have questions, please reach out to the Card Services Team,, for assistance.

Need to purchase gift cards?

Procurement Services now has six gift card options available if you are looking to purchase gift cards for university business purposes, including participant payments, awards, prizes, and/or for recognition.
Gift cards purchased through Procurement Services are charged directly to your Worktag.  Additionally, when purchasing Electronic Rewards Links to Tango or VISA electronic gift cards with amounts less than $100 through Procurement Services, the recipient templates required to order can be used in lieu of the required Research Participant Receipt Forms or Property Receipt Forms.


Planning to shop at a local supplier such as Menards, Home Depot, Lowe's and/or Sam's Club?

When planning to use your P-Card to make purchases from Menards, Home Depot, Lowe’s and/or Sam’s Club be sure to visit the Local Supplier Information page, prior to heading to the store.

Do you need to request a sales tax exemption certificate for a purchase?

Complete the Tax Exempt Form on our website and we will send a completed form to you!

Looking for a spend category for your purchase?

Check out the Spend Categories by Commodity Area Webpage to find the spend categories, the spend category name (which should identify what is being purchased), and a description of the spend category (which should confirm that this category describes what is being purchased).

What can the Finance Delivery Team assist with?

Contact the Finance Service Delivery Team by emailing to request an order be placed, a P-card transaction be reconciled, or an expense report be completed for T&H card transactions.  Please make sure to include the university business purpose and Worktag(s) in addition to the additional information needed to complete your specific request.
If you need to request a non-catalog requisition, your Finance Service Delivery Team can assist with this as well!  Submit a request to Finance Service Delivery for a non-catalog requisition through the Service Portal.

Interested in receiving information like this quarterly?

If you found this information helpful and would like to make sure that you receive the Procurement Services Quarterly Newsletter, please visit our Contact Us page and click the red subscribe button at the bottom of the page.

Make plans to join Procurement Services for the 2021 cyBUY Supplier Show!

Join us from 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM on September 30th in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union for the cyBUY Supplier Show! 
This year we will also be offering informational sessions focused on the resources available to assist you in navigating your cyBUY experience in addition to opportunities to explore options offered by cyBUY suppliers, consult experts prior to making purchasing decisions, see what is available to you through the cyBUY Marketplace, and to meet the people behind Iowa State University Internal Stores.
The complete schedule of informational sessions as well as additional information about the show can be found on the cyBUY Supplier Show Webpage!