U.S. Cellular

ISU Purchasing Agent: Jamie Albertsen*
Product: Cellular Telephones
Vendor Address: Urbandale, IA 50324
Representative: Joe Bethel
Phone: 515-979-1822
Type of Contract: Contractual Agreement for Price Discount
Term of Contract: 07/01/2017 - 06/30/2022

Contract Description:

Contact U.S. Cellular sales representative for current plan pricing and options. All University plans are provided with a base model cellular phone at no charge. Other phones are available at reasonably discounted prices. Discounts are included in plan cost.

How to do Business with Vendor:

Departments may contact U.S. Cellular to set up cell phone service. All charges associated with initiating service, including cell phone costs are billed directly to departments. When setting up service departments will need to include “ISU” in the account name, i.e. “ John Doe, ISU” or “Physics #3, ISU”. Including ISU in the account name allows easier access to University paid service and assists Purchasing in resolving any service issues that may occur.

This contract is open to all Regents institutions.

US Cellular now offers an Unlimited Voice and Messaging package for $30.00 per line, per month.

The ISU zone plan is still available at $23.00 and now covers all of Ames!

Also available is Unlimited Voice, Messaging and Data for $42.00.  You get 1GB of 4G data and then it is throttled.  Or if you need more 4G data, we offer 3GB of 4G data at $52.00.



Special Considerations

University paid cell phone service is not intended for personal use. All personal calls must be reimbursed to the University. Consult the Controller’s Department web site for more information  Communication Technology Allowance Policy and Reimbursement Procedures.

You can pay your University owned cell phone bills with your Purchasing Card. To access the U.S. Cellular site and set up an account to make payments, follow the instructions below:

 Log into US Cellular

·         Click on “My Account”

·         Under “Register” Click “Begin Registration”

·         Enter a US Cellular phone number that is on the account that you want to register

·         Enter the 4 digit PIN number attached to that account (4224)

·         Select a phone number to send a registration pin number to

·         A PIN will be sent to the US Cellular phone number for the account, once you receive it from the phone user, you enter it and re-enter your account number; click on “Full Tax ID” and re-enter the tax ID again.

·         Click “Continue”

·         Create your User Name etc.

·         Click “Complete the Registration” to Finish.  

You will need to set up an online account for each account number you have. You may only need the PIN number the first time to set up the account.