Procurement Services KFS Funding Change FAQ

Procurement Systems Fund Approval Routing Change



1.  What is the new PUR document type in KFS?

The PUR document in KFS is designated as the document type for departments to assign delegates to be approver proxies for procurement e-forms (requisition, p-card, and cyBUY).

2.  Am I required to set up delegates in the PUR list?

No, establishing PUR account delegates is an option for departments to assign approvers different from their KFS delegate list.

3.  If I do not set up delegates in the PUR list, how will approvals be handled for procurement e-forms?

The current KFS fiscal officer and delegate list for the account will be used.  The fiscal officer for the account is established as the approver in the E-Forms Approval system, and two account delegates are established as approver proxies.  If an account has more than two delegates, the system automatically chooses the first two listed.  The delegates are listed in order of University ID.

4.  How do I set up delegates in the PUR list?

Creating and editing delegates in the PUR list is the same as the process for the KFS delegate list.  For assistance, refer to the following job aids for creating and editing an account delegate:  Job Aid:  Creating and Editing an Account Delegate and Job Aid:  Creating and Editing an Account Delegate Global

5.  When I add new delegates to the PUR list, when will the change take effect?

Changes made to delegates will be in effect as soon as the delegate document in KFS is final.  This change will not affect any procurement e-forms already in route, only new ones created after the change. 

6.  Will the delegates in the PUR list receive notifications of procurement e-forms to approve?

Yes, email notifications will be created and distributed in an overnight process.  Approvers can expect to receive one email per system per day if there are e-forms created the previous day and waiting for approval.

7.  If the KFS fiscal officer is out, can the delegates approve on their behalf?

Yes, any of the three (KFS fiscal officer or two delegates) can approve any procurement e-forms at any time.  Exception: if a KFS fiscal officer or account delegate is the cardholder or cyBUY shopper, the system will not route the e-form to that person for approval.

8.  Who do I contact if I need help adding delegates to my PUR list?

You may contact the procurement services department at 294-4860 for the initial set up of your PUR list.  For additional assistance with KFS delegate lists, contact Alicia Smith in the controller’s department 294-0223.

9.  How do I run a report to see the KFS delegates currently assigned to accounts for a department or fiscal officer?

Go to e-Data in AccessPlus, choose the Custom Reports folder, the University Wide folder, the KFS-Financial Reports folder, and the Account Delegate Report.  Reports can be run by Org Unit, Org Dept, or fiscal officer.  For additional assistance with running KFS reports in eData, contact Alicia Duncan in the controller’s department 294-4108.

To look at the fiscal officer and account delegates for a single account in KFS, under the Main Menu tab, in the Lookup and Maintenance box, choose the Account Delegate document.  Type in the account number and search. 

10.  When a new account is set-up by the controller’s department, who is assigned as the fiscal officer and the delegates?

The fiscal officer is established by the department when requesting a new account, refer to:  The process for adding delegates to a new account is the same as for an existing account, refer to Job Aid:  Creating and Editing an Account Delegate and Job Aid:  Creating and Editing an Account Delegate Global.

11.  Are KFS fiscal officers the only ones allowed to make changes to the delegates list in KFS?

Anyone with access to KFS can make changes to delegates in KFS.  If the initiator is not the KFS fiscal officer the document will route to the KFS fiscal officer for approval when using the Account Delegate document.  When using the Account Delegate Global document, it will send an FYI to the KFS fiscal officer.

12.  Will the roles in the procurement systems change?  

No changes will be made in procurement system roles. The funding approval change made on October 24, 2016 only affected the approvers chosen by e-forms to approve a transaction.  The KFS delegate list or PUR document list will be used to determine the primary approver and the proxies.  For example:

In the requisitioning system, the requisitioner role has not changed.  Requisitioners still create requisitions and route them to fund approvers and procurement services.

In the p-card system, the validator and reallocator roles have not changed.  Reallocation of a p-card transaction routes that transaction for fund approval.

In the cyBUY system, the releaser role has not changed.  Releasers still route cyBUY releases to vendors, and reallocate cyBUY payments and route them for fund approval.

13.  Are fund approvers set up by department or by fund account? 

KFS fiscal officers and account delegates are assigned by fund account, so the E-Forms Approval approvers and proxies are set up by fund account. 

14.  Questions about this change may be addressed to procurement systems administrator Lesley Lackore at or 294‐4589.  Procurement Services is also available to present these changes at departmental meetings.