Procurement Card Frequently Asked Questions

The card is available to all faculty and staff of Iowa State University with the approval of their respective department heads and deans or directors. To apply for a card, please contact your department's administrative staff to start the application process.
As of March of 2020 hospitality expenses have moved over to the travel and hospitality card. No one is allowed to have hospitality rights on their procurement card anymore. The expenses will need to go through on an expense report to collect the appropriate information. More information about the hospitality configuration for the travel and hospitality card is available on the T&H Card website on the Using the Card page under Meeting, Event, and Hospitality Usages.
If the supplier asks for the statement or billing address, it is generally the address of your department administrative office. The billing address can also be found on the documentation you received when you picked up your card. Contact the Procurement Services help desk at 294-7024 or for specific information.
First, consider the time and effort to obtain a credit. If the amount of tax charged is small, it may be more cost effective to pay the tax and save yourself the time it would take. However, if you decide it is worth your time, contact the supplier and ask for a credit in the amount of tax charged. Iowa State University is sales tax exempt. If the supplier requests a university sales tax exempt certificate, advise the supplier they can request an exemption certificate directly from the Procurement Services Department (515-294-4860 or
Yes, the procurement card is accepted at the University Bookstore.
Make sure that the amount of your purchase is not above your transaction limit or that you have not exceeded the monthly cycle limit for your card (remember that the cycle begins on the 12th of the month). If the transaction falls within your limits, the transaction may be declined because the supplier's Merchant Commodity Code is blocked on your card configuration. Contact the Procurement Services help desk at 294-7024 for assistance.
If you have a transaction against which you will receive full or partial credit, the Validator or Reallocator should note this in the transaction description field and use the "not received" button to hold the transaction in your inbox and suspend email messages. Once the credit transaction is posted to your inbox (identifiable as a negative amount from the same supplier as the original transaction), both transactions must be validated, reallocated, and approved. Make sure to use the same fund account number and object code on both the original and the credit transaction.
Approval routing is determined by the fund account code(s) associated with the transaction. If a fund account number is associated with a department other than your own or the cardholder's, the transaction will be routed to the approvers in that department. For additional assistance, contact a procurement card program administrator at 515-294-4589.
If you cannot identify the supplier or the transaction, contact the Procurement Services help desk at 294-7024 or for assistance.
A transaction dispute is a formal process of billing inquiry initiated by a procurement card program administrator with USBank. If there is a charge that is not recognized by the cardholder or if it appears to be incorrect, the cardholder should first seek resolution with the merchant. Use the dispute button only when the issue with the supplier cannot be resolved. Contact a procurement card program administrator at 294-4589 for assistance.
The credit card receipts, packing slips, and online order forms received by the cardholder are the only documents associated with the procurement card program; all other documentation is electronic. Original copies of procurement card receipts and supporting documentation must be retained and managed by the initiating/approving department in paper form for one year from the transaction date. For an additional nine fiscal years, procurement card receipts may be stored either in paper form or in the procurement card attachment imaging system (electronic). Receipts in paper form are managed and stored by the initiating/approving department/unit. Receipts that have been loaded into the procurement card attachment imaging system are managed and stored by Procurement Services.
The Iowa State Unviersity Credit Card Suspension Procedure can be found on the Changes to P-Card and T&H Card Program Effective July 1, 2020 webpage.